Cathodic Protection Remote Monitoring

PWATCH Remote Cathodic Protection Monitoring Unit

PWATCH is a battery powered, high performance, self contained, durable, data acquisition and data logging device specially designed for remote monitoring of cathodic protection systems of distribution and transmission utilities. It defines a new standard for ease of use while delivering unmatched performance and flexibility.

• Prevents costly pipeline problems.
• DC and true RMS AC measurements for pipe and coupon.
• Programmable measurement and data recording intervals.
• High data storage capacity. Flexible, user-configurable data feature.
• High input impedance. Over voltage and lightning protection.
• Fully battery operated. 5+ years battery life.
• Up to 4 simultaneous TCP connections via GPRS interface
• Remote monitoring, configuration, diagnostics and firmware update.
• Hourly, daily, monthly archive, min/max/average data
• Alarm and event logging. Alarm reporting via SMS.
• Modbus RTU/TCP support with configurable addressing
• Integral RS-232 port for local communications
• Rugged, maintenance-free, durable design. Fits in CP posts.
• Complete software solution.


Standalone, maintenance-free operation in harsh terrain and climatic conditions


Floating operation. Over voltage and lighting protection.

Nano Power

5+ years battery life. Extensive battery measurement and diagnostics.


Fully backed up with software solutions to meet various customer needs.


7/24 comprehensive technical support. Customized solutions. Total customer satisfaction.

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