Accessories and Supplementary Products

Mechanical Pulse Transmitter with Index
Mechanical Pulse Transmitter with Index
  • Designed for volume flow detection of any LF turbine, rotary or diaphragm meters.
  • Reversing bevel gear mechanism permits mounting on CW or CCW instrument drive meters.
  • High permeability magnetic shielding of reed sensors against external magnetic interference.

MICRO-Z in Metal Enclosure System with Tampered Glass Window
Metal Enclosure System
  • Metal enclosure panel provides complete metering system in configurations for different customer requirements.
  • Complete, stand-alone unit for indoor or outdoor use. With or without tempered glass window.
  • Designed for safe and prolonged operation of MICRO-Z family EVCs in harsh field conditions.

Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT)
Solar Charge Controller MPPT
  • Maximum power point detection in case of partial shading conditions.
  • Li-Ion battery charging for faster and more charging cycles, and small sizes.
  • Fast charging and MPPT allow the batteries to be charged even in winters.
  • Monitoring charging parameters via the USB interface.

MICRO-SRV Advanced Smart Remote Valve Unit
Smart Remote Valve Unit
  • Turns the gas flow on and off in the pipeline with remote time setting.
  • Provides accessibility and complete control through SMS/GPRS.
  • Reliable and easy to commission and maintain.
  • Ultra low power battery operation resulted in maintenance-free field operation for many years.

Solar Power Unit
Solar Power Unit
  • Compact design.
  • Maximum power point tracking (MPPT) technology application for optimal performance.
  • 7 charging modes availability according to the sun condition.

Smart Pressure Sensor
Smart Pressure Transmitter
  • Robust industrial piezo-resistive transducer specially designed for MICRO-Z family of EVCs.
  • Smart industrial RS-485 interface, immune to external disturbances.
  • High accuracy, outstanding long-term stability, no hysteresis.
  • Meets the applicable essential requirements of Directive 2014/32/EU (MID).
  • Certified for use in hazardous locations.

Pt1000 Temperature Sensor
Pt1000 Temperature Sensor
  • Pt1000 type sensor for precise temperature measurements of natural gas.
  • Accurate Class-A sensor. High alpha to minimize cable resistance effects.

Intrinsically Safe Barrier
Intrinsically Safe Barrier
  • Limits transfer of high energy into the hazardous area to a safe level.
  • Certified for explosion safety.
  • Specially designed for externally powering MICRO-Z family of EVCs.
  • Suitable for use with solar power systems.

rmfte GPRS Antenna
External Antennas
  • Choices of antennas. High gain antennas especially for resolving poor GPRS/GSM signal issues.

Plugable Communication Options
Pluggable Communication Options
  • RS-232, RS-485 and GPRS/GSM, 4G, options for MICRO-Z family EVCs.
  • Automatic configuration. No settings required.
  • Easily interchangeable due to compatible design.

RFLO Optical Head
USB Optical Head
  • Compatible with Windows 7, 8, and 10. Supports 32-bit and 64-bit personal computers.
  • Direct USB interface. Does not require serial to USB converters.
  • Designed to communicate with products having IEC 62056-21 compliant optical communication ports.

RS-232 Communication Cable
RS-232 Communication Cable
  • Connects our products with 3-pin waterproof circular DIN connector, to devices with DSUB-9 male RS-232 interfaces.

Isolated RS485/RS232 Interface Converter
Isolated RS-232/RS-485 Interface Converter
  • Provides high electrical isolation between a full duplex RS-232 port and a half-duplex RS-485 port.
  • Rugged and fail safe RS-485 communication over long links.
  • High speed half-duplex interface conversion in noisy environments.
  • Low power, industrial design, DIN rail mount, IP54 housing.

FOFO Auto Negotiating Media Converter
Fiber Optic Media Converter
  • Provides conversion between 10FL/100SX multimode fiber and variety of fiber technologies via its modular SFP interface.
  • Choice of ST, SMA, SC or FC ports on multimode interface.
  • Compatible with 50/125 μm, 62.5/125 μm, 100/140 μm, and 200 μm HCS fiber.
  • SFP interface allows field replacements.