Cathodic Protection Remote Monitoring Solution

Cathodic Protection Remote Monitoring Solution

Use of remote monitoring of cathodic protection systems has become a critical component for pipeline operators. The PWATCH cathodic protection remote monitoring solution detects potential corrosion problems and immediately alerts the operator.

With the support of WEB-based architecture, cathodic protection operators can access real-time data at any time. PWATCH is an easy-to-use and fast solution supporting an effective reporting plug-in as well as graphical and digital data display.

• Remote monitoring and management of runtime and historical information, alarms and events.
• Display of all pipeline cathodic measurement points on a single graph.
• Fast and efficient network operation and management.
• Easy interface to existing information systems.
• All cathodic measurement points are monitored and managed on the interactive map.
• Responsive WEB design allows various viewing options such as PCs, smart phones or tablets.
• Advanced user management for accessing relevant information only.
• Ability to specify zones for users, allowing them to access relevant zone information only.
• Latest technology. Blazingly fast user interface.

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Interactive Map View

The interactive mapping service was specifically designed for administrators and cathodic protection operators. It provides with all the important information of cathodic measurement points on a map together with the tools required for remote configurations.

Regional map tracking, focus and record of user’s map view.

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Data Visualization

Specially designed graphical interface support enables detailed monitoring of all cathodic protection parameters on a single graph of one or more pipeline measurement points.
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Alarm Capability

Be aware and don’t be late to intervene for possible corrosion hazards at cathodic measurement points with PWATCH alarm management.

You can remotely monitor and manage all alarm parameters of our remote monitoring devices instantly.

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Unlimited Possibilities

Quick search in all table views, grouping by column, column filtering, sorting, moving, hiding, sizing, customized filtering, and flexible paging provide unlimited possibilities for data transfer and printing.
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Blazing Fast and Safe

PWATCH is built with Angular Infrastructure – the fastest rising technology trend. As a result, page transitions, data grids and interactive graphical operations occur quick the blink of an eye. At the same time, PWATCH supports “.NET Core API” to provide bidirectional data flow with high security.