Electronic Gas Volume Correctors

Next Generation Electronic Gas Volume Correctors - The MICRO-Z Family

The MICRO-Z family is a series of nano power, high performance electronic volume corrector devices intended for high accuracy, industrial gas metering, telemetry, data logging, data acquisition, and control applications. These products may be deployed in hazardous locations and feature Ex ia protection for gas group IIC.

All devices in this family of products offer extensive RTU and communication features and are easily interfaced with other field devices by means of I/O channels and communication interfaces, to form one flexible and integrated system.

MICRO-ZMAX is the most sophisticated member of the product family and offers full hardware and software features. MICRO-Z1 is a high-end version that lacks correction only for the dual-stream feature, while MICRO-Z3 is the medium-featured product with fewer options. MICRO-Z5 offers the best cost, yet is equipped with complete volume conversion features and similar communication capabilities.