Distribution Management Solution

DMASFLO Distribution Management Solution

DMASFLO is a total distribution management solution for the utilities to achieve reliable, efficient operation and maintenance of their gas distribution networks.

WEB based architecture allows immediate and easy access to all types of real-time and archived information by utility staff and consumers from any location. There is no need for installing specific applications on every client.

Intuitive user interface provides users quick and efficient tools to keep them always in-touch with their field devices and systems.

• Total distribution management solution for gas metering systems.
• Remote monitoring and management of run-time and historical information, alarms and events.
• Extensive reports for billing, operation and investment planning.
• Fast, efficient network operation and management.
• Seamless interface to existing information systems.
• Automatic, system-wide distribution of gas contents for most accurate measurements.
• Compatible to all devices supporting Modbus RTU/TCP.
• Supports responsive design for different customer login options like PC, mobile or tablet.
• All field devices are monitored and managed via an interactive map.
• Multiple graphical representations make data analysis easier than ever.
• Advanced user management for accessing only relevant information.
• Newest technology. Blazingly fast user interface.

dmasflo map page

Interactive Map View

Interactive map service is specially designed for executives and auxiliary staff. It presents essential site information on the map for any device, for all brands, and provides the tools required for remote configuration.
dmasflo screenshot

Data Visualization

When we have to deal with lots of complex data, we may have a difficulty in catching important details. With the Graphical Interface Support especially designed for the moments like these, no detail will be missed.

Powerful, multi-axis visualization that helps you display your data as bars, areas, lines and many other forms.

dmasflo comprehensive reporting system

Comprehensive Reporting

Reporting features are specially designed to support your operational and investment related decisions. It allows you to process, organize and display information in such a way so that no important detail will be missed.
dmasflo every device

Where Every Device is Integrated

With its communication and visualization capabilities, it provides efficient and intuitive real-time monitoring for all field device derivatives supporting Modbus RTU/TCP. As a result, DMASFLO can access all devices used in business environments and capabilities to track and operate.
dmasflo technologies

Blazing Fast and Secure

DMASFLO is built with Angular Infrastructure – the fastest rising technology trend. As a result, page transitions, data grids and interactive graphical operations occur quick the blink of an eye. At the same time, DMASFLO supports “.NET Core API” to provide bidirectional data flow with high security.
Quick search, nested grouping by column, column filtering, sorting, moving, hiding,

Infinite Possibilities

Quick search, nested grouping by column, column filtering, sorting, moving, hiding, sizing, customized filtering, and flexible paging in table views allow limitless possibilities for data exporting and printing.