AMR/AMI Unit for Diaphragm Meters

AMR/AMI Unit for Diaphragm Meters

MICRO-ZAMR is an advanced, compact remote diaphragm meter monitoring unit specially designed to meet the emerging requirements of gas distribution utilities.

MICRO-ZAMR incorporates wide range of features which not only meets the basic monitoring requirements, but also provides a complete solution for gas distribution utilities to achieve fast, efficient and cost effective network operation and management.

• Designed for diaphragm type meters. Compact, protected design.
• Suitable for G4/G6/G10/G16/G25 size meters. Plugs onto existing meters in the field.
• Triple sensors for pulse verification and tamper detection.
• No missing pulses. Detects flow direction.
• Provides information for identifying meter sizing issues.
• Helps identify high peak value issues within the network.
• Cuts meter reading costs. Uninterrupted real time information.
• Flexible, user-configurable data logging feature.
• Large historical archive. Configurable data logging. Alarm and event logging.
• Built-in optical communication interface.
• Integrates to external RFLO smart valves via short range RF interface option.
• Nano power consumption. 10+ years battery life.
• Up to 4 simultaneous TCP connections via GPRS/GMS interface
• Configurable report on exception via GPRS or SMS
• Remote monitoring, configuration, diagnostics, and firmware update.
• Maintenance-free, protected design. No exposed cables or tubes.
• Cover tamper detection.
• Complete software solution.


Fits G4-G25 size meters using available mounting brackets. Housing may be adapted to fit various makes of meters.


Built-in tamper detection against external interferences. Triple sensor pulse pickup.

Nano Power

In excess of 10 years battery life. Extensive battery monitoring and diagnostics.

Easy Assembly

Easy and fast assembly. Can be attached to existing diaphragm meters in the field.


7/24 comprehensive technical support. Customized solutions. Total customer satisfaction.