MICRO-Z5 Electronic Volume Corrector

MICRO-Z5 is a high-precision, cost-effective single stream electronic volume corrector designed specifically to meet the evolving needs of gas distribution utilities. With unmatched performance and flexibility, it sets a new standard for ease-of-use.

MICRO-Z5 includes a wide range of features that not only satisfy local metering requirements, but also provide a complete solution for gas distribution utilities to achieve fast, efficient, and cost-effective network operation and management.

• Approved for legal metrology. EN12405 and MID compliant. Software compliant to Welmec 7.2.
• Certified for use in hazardous locations.
• Broad range of calculations including AGA 8, NX19 and GERG.
• Suitable for LF type meters. Bidirectional flow mode.
• Up to 2 simultaneous TCP connections via GPRS interface. Supports SMS and GSM.
• High performance 4G communications with 3G and 2G fallback.
• Remote monitoring, configuration, diagnostics, and firmware update.
• Large archiving capacity. Alarm and event logging.
• Optical interface for local communications.
• Local telemetry via digital inputs and outputs.
• Nano power consumption. 10+ years battery life. Separate battery for remote communications.
• Rugged, maintenance-free, durable design.
• Complete software solution.


Certified for legal metrology and explosion safety as per the MID 2014/32/EU and 2014/34/EU.

Next Generation

Broad range of calculations in an EVC. Telemetry and communication features. Best cost option for basic volume correction needs.

Nano Power

In excess of 10 years battery life. Separate battery for remote communications.


2 years warranty standard. 5 years extended warranty option.


7/24 comprehensive technical support. Customized solutions. Total customer satisfaction.