PWATCH Cathodic Protection Remote Monitoring

PWATCH Cathodic Protection Remote Monitoring Unit

PWATCH is a high performance, battery powered, autonomous, durable, data acquisition and logging device specially designed for cathodic protection remote monitoring for distribution and transmission utilities. It offers ease of use while delivering unmatched performance and flexibility.

PWATCH is equipped with wide range input channels for reading AC and DC voltages. Ultra low power, battery design allows autonomous operation in the field for many years. Compact, stand alone design and small size provide quick and easy installation.

The unit introduces enhanced, user configurable data logging combined with various remote communication options to allow flexible remote monitoring of pipelines against corrosion risks.

• Helps identify pipeline corrosion problems.
• DC/AC voltage measurements.
• User-configurable logging intervals. High capacity logging.
• High input impedance. Over voltage and lightning protection.
• Autonomous battery operation. Nano power. 5+ years battery life.
• Up to 4 simultaneous TCP connections via the GPRS interface.
• Remote monitoring, configuration, diagnostics and firmware update.
• Hourly, daily, monthly archive, min/max/average data
• Alarm and event logging. Alarm reporting via SMS.
• Modbus RTU/TCP support with configurable addressing.
• Integral RS-232 port for local communications.
• Rugged, maintenance-free, durable design. Fits into CP measurement posts.
• Complete software solution.


Standalone, maintenance-free operation in harsh terrain and climatic conditions


Floating operation. Over voltage and lighting protection.

Nano Power

5+ years battery life. Extensive battery measurement and diagnostics.


Fully backed up with software solutions to meet various customer needs.


7/24 comprehensive technical support. Customized solutions. Total customer satisfaction.

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