MICRO-C3 Electronic Volume Corrector

MICRO-C3 is a compact, high accuracy, single stream electronic volume corrector intended for high performance industrial gas metering with or without remote telemetry.

This industry-leading EVC introduces superior measurement stability, accuracy, and reliability. It provides the full set of calculations normally found in flow computers. Calculations include nine compressibility methods, namely AGA 8-DC92, AGA 8 gross methods 1 & 2, NX 19, MGERG, SGERG methods 1, 2, 3, 4, AGA 5 energy & mass methods, and ISO 6976 heating value method.

With its local communication ports and I/O channels, it can be easily interfaced with a wide variety of field devices and systems. Its advanced remote communication capabilities allow realization of large scale centralized metering systems. Newly added 4G interface provides superior remote communication performance.

MICRO-C3 incorporates a wide range of features which not only satisfy local metering requirements, but also provide a complete solution for gas utilities to achieve fast, efficient, and cost-effective network operation and management.

• Approved for legal metrology. EN12405 and MID compliant. Software compliant to Welmec 7.2.
• Certified for use in hazardous locations.
• Supports 2 streams. PTZ correction in one stream.
• Use of internal or external pressure sensors.
• Direct mounting on gas meters with the mechanical encoder.
• Flow computer calculations in a compact EVC. Includes AGA 8, NX19, GERG, and ISO 6976.
• Supports LF meters. Bi-directional volume flow operation.
• Up to 4 concurrent TCP connections via the GPRS interface. Supports SMS and GSM.
• 4G support with 3G and 2G automatic fallback.
• Remote monitoring, configuration, diagnostics, and firmware update.
• Large archiving capacity. Alarm and event logging.
• Modbus RTU/TCP support with configurable addressing.
• Built-in RS-232, RS-485 and optical interfaces. Pluggable RS-232 and RS-485 interface options.
• Station telemetry by means of the I/O channels, and local communication interfaces.
• Nano power consumption. 10+ years battery life. Separate battery for remote communications.
• Large graphics LCD. Always on display option.
• Rugged, compact, durable design. IP66 rated.
• Complete software solution.


Certified for legal metrology and explosion safety as per the MID 2014/32/EU and 2014/34/EU.

Next Generation

Complete flow computer calculations in an EVC. Single stream. Comprehensive telemetry and communication features.

Nano Power

In excess of 10 years battery life. Separate battery for remote communications.


2 years warranty standard. 5 years extended warranty option.


7/24 comprehensive technical support. Customized solutions. Total customer satisfaction.